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We understand the importance of managing talent development and career growth. Skillit offers powerful and flexible software for managing talent development and career growth.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Workforce with Skillit

Increased Retention

By providing personalized experiences and career growth opportunities, talents are more likely to stay with the organizations.

Timely and Consistent Performance Reviews

Skillit ensures that performance reviews are conducted regularly and consistently, helping to improve overall performance.

Increased Motivation

When talents know that their development is being taken seriously, they are more motivated to perform at their best.


Skillit provides transparency of requirements to their employees throughout the business, ensuring that everyone is aware of their progress and development opportunities.

Culture of Continuous Improvement

By using Skillit, businesses can build a culture of continuous improvement, where talents are encouraged to learn and develop new skills.

Streamline Your Team's Performance Evaluation with Skillit - Here's How.



Skillit's seniority assessment template can be tailored to fit your team's unique skill requirements. Customize categories, subcategories, and skill evaluation sets to match your organization's needs. Keep crucial skills locked and restricted from editing to ensure comprehensive and fair assessments.


Skillit allows for both mandatory and non-mandatory feedback, which can be requested from internal users within the organization and external users, such as clients.

Individual development plan

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Skillit's individual development plan (IDP) templates offer a prepared source of actions filtered by team, role, and seniority. They provide a foundation for career development that can be tailored to each employee's unique needs, experience, and preferences.

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Transform Your Career Development with Skillit's Streamlined Process.

Prepare Assessment Form

Prepare team assessment templates to ensure accurate evaluations.

Assessment form
Competency evaluation form

Complete Assessment

After the probation period, employee plans evaluation date for competencies in Skillit and completes a competency evaluation form using Skillit software based on seniority.

Request Feedback

Employee requests feedback from team.

Feedback request form
Seniority assessment form

Review Assessment

Review and confirm employee's seniority assessment form.

Identify Seniority

Identify employee seniority level and set an individual development plan based on assessment results.

Identified seniority level
Individual development plan details

Create and Complete Individual Development Plan

Employee establishes skills and capabilities and tracks progress towards achieving goals.

Reach Higher Seniority

Employee promotes a higher level of seniority with a minimum prescribed percentage of achievement.

Achieved seniority


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When we first were onboarded to Skillit we couldn't even imagine that usage would be so simple - easy to navigate & easy to find everything. Platform is user-friendly, it looks playful and colorful. We really like the transparency that Skillit provides. Our trainers have visibility how many % they still need to reach to the next seniority level. Everybody has the same clear set of expectations and rules in one assessment template.

Viktorija Liepienė

Director, board member of Budora.

Client photo Client photo

No solution exists to objectively assess talent pool strengths and weaknesses. Skillit helps managers create competency profiles, rate employees, and develop improvement programs. With Skillit, evaluations are objective, comprehensible, and provide a roadmap for employee advancement. Companies should try Skillit for their staff development.

Mindaugas Kiznis

Owner of

Transform Your Career Development with Skillit